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Bored at work... it is 1:24pm I just got back from a nice long lunch. I had Pizza Pockets O.o ugh i hate this laptop it is a pain in my computer butt! oh well... Me and heather are friends again... worked threw our problems..

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LiveJournal Meetup

I really don't know how many of you know about the Maryland Meetup LJ group Well here is the December Meeting info!! Please come if you can. I can give some of my local friends a ride if they would like to come.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004 at 6:30 PM

La Madeleine
6211 Columbia Crossing
Columbia, MD 21045
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English Journal

JA8 6/17/04
Jurors should be allowed to question the witnesses but under small guidelines, a third party administers the questions and both the prosecutor and the defense approve questions. I think the statement that a jury can become overly involved is a good argument but it is easily corrected as well. I think this is a necessary action to be taken because the jury makes the decision and they need all the facts to rule correctly and sometimes neither the defense or prosecution ask the right questions.
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English Journal

JA6 6/14/2004
I think that at one point the television was a serious outlet for communication, but with the growth in the internet and other such technology the TV for Educational and Realism has diminished. Nowadays we seek the TV as primarily entertainment; this feeds the ideas for shows that are entertaining bearing and relation to actual information. Creating the concept of rotting your brain where you believe Television ideas to be real. I think that people themselves should be responsible for what they watch and how much the actually believe. Why should we be punished for the problems of the others who go wrong? Where is our freedom of watching TV and other entertainment media, I think people should be informed that they are receiving a filtered, “Censored” view of the world, most of the time political in nature. I was watching a made for tv movie the other day called Meltown, it was about “terrorists” taking over a nuclear power plant threatening to blow it up, but the whole time it was pissed off American solders who go cancer from the weapons they where forced to use. Come the end of the movie they never told the public that the terrorists were actually American Soldiers, but actually some Islamic Splinter Cell group. It happens here in America to, so how is that for censorship.

JA7 6/14/04
Benjamin Franklin, mostly because he was my inspiration growing up and still is a significant drive to my aspirations in life. Postmaster! Just kidding. I think one of the next people I would meet would be my Great great uncle “Big” Jake Troxell because he is family from my mother’s side and seems to hold a big key to the family history. If I could invite another person it would have to be Andy Kopfman, he is truly my role model, his comedic style and thrill to entertain people, pull practical jokes. It is truly a style all to his own. William Shakespeare, mostly because I want to know his view on his books and literature, maybe we are getting it all wrong. I want to know!
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Inner Harbor, Outside the Science Center
Baltimore, Maryland
$Free - 6:15 PM
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