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I like you

When the world is mine your death shall be quick and painless

14 September
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Alot... I work Full time and go to school the other half. My life is boring and I am currently very single. I'm funny, "interesting", Quriky, Crazy, fun, easy going, a little picky, i can go on and on. But just talk to me and get to know me.
3 doors down, 3ways, aerosmith, aim, andy kaufman, anime, annoying sisters, baltimore, being crazy, being weird, bi, bit torrent, black, bondage, candy!!!!, cats that talk, chatting, classical music, clouds, clubs, college, columbia, comedy, comedy central, comic books, computers, couples, cuddling, cyber, dc101, dorks, drag queens, elliot in the morning, faeries, family guy, fearthedark, finding other people, fire, flying cows, friendly people, friends with benifits, fun times, futurama, gambit, games, geeks, ghosts, gir, glenelg, glenwood, glowing objects, glowsticks, goldfish crackers, goths, ham radio, hand amateur radio, hanging out, hate school, hcc, hfs, hot topic, howard community college, howardcc, html, human train, karma, kinky sex, kiss, kittens, lightning, linkin park, lisbon, livejournal, lj everywhere, lonelyness, long relationships, love, manga, maryland, maryland single, maryland singles, matrix, morpheus, mount airy, movie watching, movies, mt. airy, music, nerds, nessus, network security, networking, nightmare before christmas, pagan, pie, poetry, puddle of mudd, pyrotechnics, radio shack, rain, resturant owners, rhcp, rock, role-playing, romantic comedies, romantic evenings, shiny objects, shrek, shrek 2, simpsons, singing, single, sleep, sleeping, smart, snowflakes, snowmen, soul searching, soulmates, south park, space, sr-71, stbjr, storms, sugarcult, sunsets, super mario bros., swords, system of a down, talking, tantric, technology, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tetris, the day after tomorrow, the simpsons, they might be giants, tmbg, vampires, washington, washington d.c., web site building, weird al, wicca, wireless, witches, yaoi